Winter Nutrition Tips for a Healthy Dog

When the weather gets cold, the body also needs to store more nutrients to resist the cold. So what nutrition should pets supplement in winter? You...

Adopting an Adult Dog - 6 Tips for a Successful Adoption

It takes a lot of courage to adopt an adult dog. We don't know how the original owner educated the dog and whether the dog has developed some bad h...

What Life Is Like After You Get A Dog

 Dogs are animals that understand human feelings best. Let's take a look today and see what changes will happen to our lives after raising dogs.

How to Treat Gastritis in Dogs

The dog's diet is very important, and an improper diet can cause illness to him. Today we will talk about what to do if the dog has gastritis.

The Complete Guide to Traveling With Your Dog

Traveling with dogs is certainly enjoyable, but in order to avoid problems that may arise during the trip, we must prepare in advance. This blog te...

4 Things You Need to Know Before Boarding Your Dog

Many times we cannot look after our dogs because of business trips or long journeys. At this time if there is no one to take care of them, we can o...

FAQs for Black Friday

For questions you may want to ask during this unbelievable Black Friday event, Hisome offer all the answers!


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Top 6 Watch Trends You Need To Know

Even in the era that smartphones take the lead, watches are still very popular. People who wear watches no longer focus on pursuing its practicalit...

How to Help Get Rid of Fleas on Dogs

Fleas in dogs are annoying and can cause disease. If your dog has problems with these parasites, we will give you the definitive tips to get rid of...