What To Do When My Dog Won't Pee or Poop in the Rain


Whenever it rains, many dog owners may be worried about walking the dog, because the problem of urinating and pooping of dogs is very troublesome. Let us talk about the solutions of this problem while walking the dog on a rainy day.

Why my dog doesn't want to pee or poop in the rain?


  •  Reason of getting wet

Many dogs are afraid of rain, and the raindrops hitting the body makes some dogs very uncomfortable, so the dog is unwilling to pee or poop for a long time. For solving this, a waterproof raincoat will be very helpful. After all, keep your fluffy baby at home will drive him crazy. However, some dogs like  rainy days very much, so they can't stop themselves from running the whole time and forget to pee or poop.


  • The slippery ground

It is very uncomfortable for some dogs to step on the ground after the rain. Because they don't like this feeling, they do not defecate. If you have trained your baby to feel comfortable about rain boots, then it will help this problem very much.


  • The complicated smell

The smell in the air will become complicated in the rainy days. The familiar smell in the place where the dog usually pees or poops is gone, so the dog might be afraid and unwilling to do that then.

What to do when my dog won't pee or poop in the rain


1. Dog toilet at home

Regardless of whether your dog is big or small, if rainy days are not convenient, then let the dog pee or poop in the dog toilet at home. In this way, you are required to train the dog to urinate at dog toilet when he is a puppy.


2. Solve your furry friends problem in the corridor

For pet owners living in the apartment, you can completely let your dog solve his physiological problem in the corridor, but be sure to clean it in time.


3. Solve your furry friends problem in the garage

If your dog doesn't pee or poop outside and you have a garage, then the garage is also a good choice. Keep the dog in the garage and let it out after his physiological problem is solved.


4. Walk your dog after the rain is small

You need to let the dog get used to solving his physiological problem outside on rainy days, so in order to make the problem less troublesome, you can take him out after the rain is small. Bringing something with his familiar smell and putting on a raincoat will reduce his fear of the rain. Train your fluffy baby a few more times, he will get used to it.

In order to prevent the dog from stopping pee or poop in rainy days, pay attention not to always walk the dog in the same place, you can change the environment, and take the dog out after the rain is small to let the dog adapt to the rainy environment.