Walking Dogs in the Rain - What You Need to Know


For most of us it is just not comfortable, but for dog owners it can be a real challenge: the rainy day. Because admittedly, even if we love to walk with our furry friends and like to move in the fresh air, going for a walk with the dog when it rains is not really fun.

If you are a dog owner finding tips for rainy weather, then you are right here and should continue reading.


Where to walk with your dog when it rains?

Perhaps one of the first questions that arise when you look out the window and see that it is raining is "where to take my dog ​​when it is raining?". The experience can become a bit tedious for both you and your pet, since you need to go outside to do your needs even if the weather is bad and your furry friend may not want to get wet. But, if the day is rough, these tips we offer may help you and your dog have a better experience.

Start the walk at home: Walking with your dog in the rain will make the walk time longer. It is best to start burning energy before leaving home. Play with him for a while before going out to face the rain.

The right place: When it rains, you have to choose the right place for the walk. For example, walk through an underground garage or take a walk through places that are covered.

Protection against lightning and electric shock: On rainy days you may encounter another enemy of your dog such as lightning and thunderstorms. The best thing, in this case, is that you and your furry friend do not stay under large trees or pools for a long time and that you avoid the use of metal objects during the walk and also the use of the mobile phone.

How to act after the walk in the rain?

If you have gone for a walk with your dog when it rains, when you get home you will have to take into account a series of dog care so that the rain does not affect the dog's health. Take note of our advice:

  • Always dry your dog, pay special attention to the area of ​​the head, ears, belly and paws, but without letting the dryer's temperature too high as it could damage your dog.
  • Pet's paws should be specially protected. It is best to choose some specific products to protect and care them, especially due to the potential risk of eczema or fungi that exists.
  • Prevention of colds: Make sure you blow your dog's hair dry.
  • Gastrointestinal problems: On rainy days, your dog's food should be clean and dry, so pay attention to heat maintenance and balanced nutrition.

Preventive measures when walking with your dog in rainy days

And, last but not least, it is necessary that you know you must apply certain preventive measures so that a walk in the rain does not affect the health of the dog.

There are more and more boots and raincoats for dogs. With these products, you can protect your dog from the rain. For example, you can buy a raincoat with reflective elements that will be perfect for rainy and gray days so that your pet can take refuge from raindrops and also cars and other pedestrians can easily see it.

When your pet comes home, do not hesitate, after drying it, let it sleep in a soft, round pet bed. Choose the color you like best and the perfect size for your dog. In addition, it has non-slip particles on the bottom to increase friction between the bed and the floor and is also machine and hand washable.

Of course, there are dogs that are totally reluctant to use this type of accessories. So the best thing, in these cases, is that you use a specific umbrella to walk with your dog in the rain and that they will make the moment of the walk something more pleasant.