Travel with a pet - what do I need to prepare?


Whenever there is a holiday to go out for a trip, you are not willing to let the pet stay at home alone, right? In order to satisfy everyone's desire to bring your pets out to travel, a mandatory list has been developed here. With it, you can take the baby out to play without worrying!


Ample food and water

Pet owners can carry a special pet water bottle, prepare enough water, and let the pets drink anytime, anywhere. Food also needs to be stocked. If it is a long-time trip, you need to bring the food that the pet loves to eat. If you buy it temporarily or change the brand, your pet may not be willing to eat or has stomach problems because he is not adapted to the food.



While being out, it is very necessary to walk the dog. During the trip, the dog can easily run out of tension or be too excited, or get injured by the traffic. There are also many people who are afraid of dogs in tourist attractions. In order to avoid the tragedy, pet owners are hoped take the leash, which is to protect dogs and respect others.


Pick poop of your pet

Equip yourself with a good poop picking equipment is also a thing that civilized pet owners need to do. For dogs that are accustomed to urinating and defecating outside, the owners can use things like newspapers to clean them in time to avoid damage to the sanitation of the spots. For those who are used to urinating in toilets/pads, pet owners should remember to carry items such as padding.


Prepare a first aid kit

Prepare hemostatic powder for trauma, medical alcohol, iodine, elastic bandages, large pieces of gauze, etc. You can also prepare some Internal medicine like motion sickness medicines, anti-inflammatory drugs, medicines for regulating the stomach and so on.

Check the contact information of pet hospitals along the way in advance. If there is no regular veterinary hospital at the destination, you can find out the address and contact information of the local animal husbandry station in case of emergency.


Remember not to keep the pet in the car!

Because of the owner's carelessness, the tragedy of pets being suffocated and sunburned inside the car often occur. If you want to get off your car, please bring your pets together, or tie them outside the car.


Although it is super happy to play with pets, it is not an easy task to raise them. Pet owners should choose whether or not you can travel with your pets according to the actual situation. After deciding on the itinerary, you must prepare in advance with a variety of equipment and anticipating the solution to all kinds of emergencies.