Things You Need to Know When Socializing Your Dog


We all know that socializing our dogs is very important, which will affect our dogs' behavior and mental health. So for the wellness of our dogs, we must know better about socializing a dog.

When meeting with the dog that our dog is familiar with:

In this case, we don't have to worry too much. After all, it is a dog that our baby has already played with. There is a lesser possibility of having conflicts. But when we let our dog have fun with his friend, we must observe them from time to time, and stop them in time if there is a problem. 

When meeting with the dog that our dog doesn't know:

We must stop our dog when his performance in play has exceeded a certain limit, because if not prevented, the dog may begin to aggravate aggressive behavior. Always remember to hold the leash when our dog is in a strange environment. But we also should encourage him to meet new friends. Through contact with other dogs and socializing, we can make our dog calmer when they go out.

When two unfamiliar dogs meet for the first time, they will not be very eager to play with each other. Instead, they will first observe through a long distance, and then slowly approach each other to smell, so as to get familiar with each other and win the trust. If owners of these dogs are present and dogs are encouraged to play together, they will not have much defense.

Aggressive behaviors of dogs and signs of being bullied:

Running, fluttering, nibbling, grabbing, rolling, etc. are common behaviors, but when one dog pushes the other dog back or press that dog under him to bite, hit, etc, the owner must stop.

The bullied dog will make a mournful sound and its posture will change (lie on his stomach, with his tail between legs, etc.), please be sure to bring the dog back to you in time.

What will happen if the owners don't correct their behaviors:

The bullied dog will then become inferior, lonely, unwilling to play, and the dog may also have a tendency to depression.

While the bullying dog will consider such rude behavior to be "normal" and will treat others the same way. The dog's aggressiveness began to lurk, and in the long run, such thinking will be passed on to humans. Although the dog does not consider this to be an aggressive behavior, it is very dangerous for humans.


Keeping dogs is our choice, and keeping dogs is our duty. So from the moment we decide to have a dog, we should learn to love it, understand it, and help it develop good habits and be sociable so that it can enjoy the pleasure of playing with other dogs.