The Complete Guide to Traveling With Your Dog


Traveling with dogs is certainly enjoyable, but in order to avoid problems that may arise during the trip, we must prepare in advance. This blog tells you everything you should know before traveling with dogs.

1. Things you need to prepare:

Do not let your dog eat too much before getting in the car. Water and food should be enough.

If your dog likes to sit in the co-driver, be sure to prepare him sun protection products and a comfortable cushion. Because people can wear sunscreen and sunglasses, but dogs can't. So be sure to protect your furry friend from sunburn. For sun protection products, you can prepare a tent or a sheet for your dog.

Other necessities you need to prepare: a leash, pee pads, bags for picking poop, a dog bowl and a dog quick-drying towel. A fluffy pet bed may be good for your dog when he wants to rest in the trip.

2. Hotel booking tips when traveling with your dog:

Contact with the hotel before the trip to make sure whether they are pet-friendly, this is very important;

For better travel experience, hotels with local characteristics might be better.


When you arrive at your hotel, it is recommended that you put your luggage in your room, spray insect repellent, and go out to eat. In this way, you can avoid fleas in the room you stay in.

3. The importance of a dog backpack:

For not to affect others, please prepare a dog backpack for your dog. In this way, you will be more convenient during the trip, and it will also reduce the trouble for others.


Not all people are pet lovers. So we should understand, when we travel with our pets happily, we must also remember not to cause trouble for others.