The Best Natural Mosquito Repellents


In the summer season, mosquito bites are one of the main concerns around the world. Finding the best product to control mosquitoes in the open air is one of the main goals of the whole world in summer. There are many insect eliminators that exist in the market.

The main question is whether a natural mosquito repellent or a chemical one is better to achieve effective mosquito control. At present, the natural is in fashion and catches more attention than insect eliminators. That is why the natural repellents of mosquitoes based on lemon, citronella or eucalyptus are fashionable and have stormed the market strongly.

Of course, you should keep in mind that natural repellents have some disadvantages such as presenting less efficiency or offering a much shorter time so you have to apply them much more frequently than synthetic or chemical repellents.


How to choose the best insect repellent or eliminator according to age?

If you want to choose the best repellent to avoid or mitigate mosquito bites, you must take into account the age of the person. Take note of these tips!

- Children under 2 months: The use of chemical or synthetic repellents is prohibited. The alternative is to use essential oil derivatives.

- Children between one year and two years: The use of DEET is not prohibited at this age but it is not advised. And don’t apply it on the face or hands.

- Children from two years and adults: At this age you can use all the above types of repellents.


The most effective natural repellents


Although there are many remedies in pharmacies and supermarkets, there are still many natural remedies and gadgets that you can use to scare away mosquitoes, including:

  • Preventing is better than curing: Do not leave the lights on. Also do not leave any glass or water bottle open since they are suitable places to raise larvae.
  • Mosquito net: It is a very good option to put it in baby cribs, since babies are sensitive to any product.
  • Bottles catching mosquitoes: One of the most effective tricks of a lifetime is to mix 20cl of water, 50g of sugar and 1g of yeast. First heat the water with sugar and yeast and let it cool in a bottle. Then cut the upper part of the bottle, apply black tape to the inner wall, and place it on the original bottle as a funnel. In this way, the mosquito trap is made.
  • UV lamp: For example, a Hisome lamp which can be charged through a USB port and offers 3 lighting modes may give your great help. You can use it both indoors and outdoors, as it is waterproof.
  • Eucalyptus oil: it is an excellent natural repellent since it has an unpleasant aroma for mosquitoes. You can put about 15 drops of eucalyptus essential oil in a glass and then mosquito bites will stop being a problem. You can buy this oil at any natural products store or make it yourself.