Tear stains on Dogs - How to Get Rid of Them


The problem many dog ​​owners know: ugly reddish-brown spots under the eyes of the animal. They are particularly visible in dogs with a light coat. But these so-called tear stains not only disturb the aesthetic overall impression, but can also point to health problems. In this article, you will find answers to the following two questions:

  • What causes tear stains in the dog?
  • How can I naturally remove my dog's tear stains?


Causes of tear spots in the dog

In order to get rid of tear stains of your dog, you should first clarify the causes. Because there are different reasons why these stains arise.


1. The wrong dog food

One reason could be that your dog's food is not suitable for him. Food that contains too little or the wrong nutrients for your animal can unbalance the intestinal flora, causing a deviation in normal pH and acidity. If this is the case, this can be manifested by various symptoms, including strong tears around the eye.

Of course, your dog should also get no leftovers from the table. Human food is much too spicy for dog stomachs and may even be really dangerous. So make sure that your fluffy friend gets a chemical-free, healthy and species-appropriate diet.


2. Disturbing fur in the eye area

If your dog has a long coat on his face or occasional long hair that grows in the eye area, it could also cause a permanent irritation of the eye and lead to an excessive production of tear fluid. So you should always trim with a blunt pair of scissors.


3. Various diseases

Also, diseases of the lacrimal gland can lead to the fact that the tear fluid can not drain properly and therefore collects under the eye. A lacrimal inflammation, for example, can be very painful for the animal. Constipation of the tear-nasal passage, ear infections or other eye diseases, such as conjunctivitis, are also possible. It is therefore always advisable to have the solution for the tear stains at the vet.


4. Genetically related causes

It can also happen that due to congenital anomalies the tear fluid can not drain properly. For example, the tear-and-nose gait might be too tight, which can often cause it to become blocked. There are also breeds of dogs that are particularly susceptible to such problems due to certain breeding characteristics.


How can I get rid of my dog's tear stains?

As mentioned above, it is possible to reduce the onset of tears with a high quality diet adapted to your pet.

Keeping the eye area clean and tucking the coat in the face can also lead to a significant improvement.

If stains occur nevertheless, you should get a tear stain remover for dogs. There are some good products on the market that are specially made and well tolerated.

However, eye cleanser is not always necessary. It is sometimes enough to wipe the area around the eye with clean water and a soft cloth. Suitable for this, for example, are the skin-friendly and breathable cotton sheets from Hisome. So you can often save the tear stain remover for the dog.

If eye care does not help the dog, you should ask the veterinarian if health problems could be behind the whole picture.