What You Need for Summer Camp


Summer comes! 


Enjoy your summer with sunshine, cocktail and wheat-colored beauty and handsome guys. But remember to bring this Hisome Mosquito Killer Lamp to give you a better summer experience! Now this product is at a discount, you can own it with very low price! Don't miss the chance.


USB Charging: You can charge it anywhere using a USB port, mosquito charger can charge with laptop/car charger/power bank/plug charging

3 Lighting Modes: This camping light has 3 lighting modes, provide you 3 different brightness level to meet your different demands. you can hang it up on a string or a tree branch, or put it upside down like a ground lamp, table light

Waterproof: The lantern withstands rain perfectly, and it can be cleaned directly with running tap water, so it would look brand new every time after washing