Should you trim dog's paw hair?

One of the steps after bathing your dog is to remove paw hairs. Dog paws have a lot of hair between their toes. How will these hairs affect the dog's daily life?


Negative effects of dog paw hair

Too long sole hair can make dogs fall

A lot of hair will grow between the gaps in the dog's feet. If the hair of this part is too long, it will cover the paws, making the dog unable to stretch freely when walking, and dogs are easy to fall when walking on smooth grounds.


Can be easily stained with dust and dirt

If the hair on the paws is too long, it is easy to attract dust and dirt, or to get a lot of water when walking in a wet place, which creates conditions for the bacteria to reproduce and cause pyoderma. So often trim your dog's overgrown paw hairs to keep his feet tidy.


Too long sole hair may cause incorrect walking and running postures

The paw hairs wrap the foot pads, making it easy for the dog to slip when walking or running. In order to obtain stable action, the dog will use incorrect walking and running postures. In the long term, the dog will have indecent postures and limbs and even cause the consequences of deformation.


Not easy to blow dry

It is not easy to blow dry after you washing your dog's feet or taking him a bath. A warm and humid environment between the paws will be formed, which will become a breeding ground for bacteria and cause dog diseases.

Therefore, when the sole hair grows outside the dog paws, it needs to be shaved. Pay attention to the seams between the paws and check the paw hair every time you bathe your dog.