Question Answered: Should Your dog Wear Clothes?

Since animals have lived with humans for a very long time, they have many similar characteristics like human and they develop unique needs, too.

Besides, because of the long-term living with us indoors, our pets' ability to adjust to the environment is not as good as before.

So today let's talk about the topic that whether the dog should wear clothes to keep warm.


1. Judging the ability to keep out the cold from the layer and thickness of the fur.

A dog with a short fur, a smooth surface, or a single layer of hair, has a weak ability to isolate cold.

For example, Teddy, Pomeranian, Schnauzer, Maltese, etc., they have long hair but that's single-layered hair .

Dogs with double-layered fur have strong ability to resist the cold, such as Alaska, Husky, Samoyed, and Shiba Inu, etc. When you open the hair on their surface, there are short hairs under their long bristles.


2. Older dogs and puppies from 0 to 3 months should be cared with warm keeping methods

Generally speaking, dogs enter their old age after 7 years old. The typical characteristics of old age are that they get whiten hair, do not like to run around, prefer to stay quiet, and the body start to experience some problems.

If pet owners feel cold at home, your old dogs will feel the same.

Try not to pick up puppies that are less than two months. This is because the puppies need to be cared by their mother, and their body immunity is not strong, so a stable environment and extra protection are needed to help them grow healthier.

Moreover, the puppies' hair is very soft and cannot achieve the effect of keeping warm. Therefore, if your dog is still small, you must arrange a fluffy bed for him to keep it at a temperature of warm.


3. Dogs have chronic diseases and need special attention.

Does your dog have chronic disease? For example, gastrointestinal inflammation, or arthritis, this will make dogs uncomfortable.

If your dog is in a cold weather, and his behaviors are not the same as everyday, then you have to be careful. Some dogs may even have aggravated gastrointestinal problems, soft stools, and even diarrhea. Dogs with problems on the joints are unwilling to move, and may even be inexplicably restless.


4. The dog's body form - different dog breeds have different subcutaneous fat.


Have you ever seen a chihuahua with a tremble? This breed of dog has short and smooth hair, and they don't have enough subcutaneous fat, which make their ability to keep out the cold very weak.

In general, dogs with a lean body are weaker than those of a standard weight because of the effects of subcutaneous fat.

If your dog is very thin and below the normal value of its breed, then you should pay attention to warm keeping for him. And if you baby is obviously afraid of going out, then you should consider adding clothing to it.


We always hear about the topic of whether dogs should wear clothes. However, we have to admit that in modern society, after being raised by humans, their ability is weakened. We need to make judgments based on its breeds, fur condition, etc.

Health is always the first.