Our Black Friday Sale Starts Today!

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Nov 25-29

Please note that the SALE will end at 12pm(GMT+1) on Friday, don't miss it.

Where to buy?



We prepared two surprises for everyone.

1. Shop for free

On November 25-29, we will offer free orders for the first ten customers who place orders on our site. This means you will get the product you want for free!


Try to place your order as early as you can everyday, so you have a higher probability of getting a free order (please remember to leave your email when ordering, so we can contact you).

We will check the orders of the first ten customers on the same day and send you an email. After receiving the reply from the lucky customers and being confirmed by us, we will refund the money to your account.

Please note that if we contact you but do not receive your response in seven days, we will automatically cancel your free order chance.

This is an activity we have never had before, and all products on the site are included. You only need to place an order as quickly as you can, and you will have a chance to get a surprise!

2. Sitewide discount

During November 25-29, we will hold a SITEWIDE discount which is up to 50% off. 

Check our site and you will find a Black Friday Sale collection where all items are 50% OFF. You only need to find the item you like and place an order to get a 50% off automatic discount without entering the coupon code. 

Products in other collections will also have discounts. Since the website only supports one collection to have an automatic discount, we will provide exclusive coupon codes for other collections(coupon codes are available for Nov 25-29).

Detailed coupon codes for different collections:

Steps to order:

Find products you like through checking our site or you can check the links listed above.

Click "Buy with..." and check the right side of the page, enter the discount code listed above and click "Apply", then you'll see the discounted price.


We will show you the discounted price when placing the order. By clicking " Buy with...", you'll see the discounted price of the product you want.

For the product that requires a coupon code, its page will show you a compared price which means it has an original discount. But after entering the coupon code by following the steps above, what you see will be the final discounted price. Compare the price after entering the code from the original price, you'll get the discount for our Black Friday Sale.

An example to let you know more about our discount with COUPON CODES:

What our customers like

Pet supplies

Pet beds and raincoats have been very popular recently due to the arrival of winter. Preparing a winter product for your pet to help him adapt to seasonal changes is not only your love for your pet, but also a contribution for the health of your pet. In addition, dog collars are also very popular.


Recently, our new released watches have been welcomed by our customers. A variety of styles and cheaper prices make our watches a favorite.

Home improvement products

The arrival of winter means we need more warmth. The Hisome flame heater can meet your needs. Products belongs to our brand have better quality and cheaper prices.

Sports & Fitness

Exercise is always a hot topic. People who like workouts can check our products and prepare the relevant equipment so that you can get started easier!


In short, our BIG SALE can make you get what you want at a better price! Christmas is near, you have to start to think about preparing gifts for your loved ones! Offers are limited, don’t miss!