No Fear Way to Trim Your Dog's Nails


Anyone who lives with a dog knows: our four-legged friends are a constant source of joy. Still, life with a dog is not always so simple. When it's time to do some grooming, they transform themselves from playful puppies to crazy beasts as soon as they see the scissors or the nail clipper. This is why we thought of steps to teach you how to cut your dog's over-grown nails quickly and painlessly.


Caring for your pet: step by step

It is not an easy task, because as a general rule, when a dog sees scissors, it disappears! But pet care is necessary,  and with steps to follow, you'll find it a piece of cake. Here you have them:


Choose the right scissors

There are usually two kinds of tools for nail trimming, one is the scissor and the other is the nail grinder.

Scissors can handle pet nails faster than nail grinders, but people who don't have experience in cutting nails can easily hurt dogs. Therefore, for those who have just kept dogs, it is more convenient and safe to use a nail grinder.


Create a relaxed atmosphere

The reason why, when the time comes for cutting the nails, your dog becomes nervous or scared just by seeing the scissors or the nail clipper, is that this operation, if done badly, can be very painful.

Take advantage of a time when your dog is tired and don’t want to move. Then pamper it, perhaps caressing its belly to comfort him.


Identify the living tissue

If you have stopped to look at your dog's nails, you will have noticed that it has a kind of pink line that crosses his nails. It is a living tissue that contains blood and can do a lot of damage to your pet if you cut it.

To understand exactly how to cut the dog's nails, think of a pencil to be tempered: it shortens on the sides, so as not to spill blood.


How to cut overgrown dog nails

First of all, we want to tell you that too long nails are a sign that the dog does not go out enough in the street. When he takes the necessary walks, his nails are filed.

But nails sometimes still need to be trimmed, so here’s the way: hold your dog’s legs well so he won't feel too much pressure. Make a cut to remove most of it, and then review (being careful not to touch the living tissue) to refine the cut. After the cut, you can use a nail grinder to refine.

Please remember that your dog may fell nervous about nail trimming, so do not force him. It is best to do it little by little so that your dog does not see it as a trauma to flee from. On the other hand, if you think you get nervous or lack practice, make only one leg at a time. At another time you can continue with the other.


With this definitive guide to cut your dog's nails, you're ready to do it without dying in the attempt!