Is It Bad for Dogs to Hold Their Pee?

Oh yeah! The time has come to take your furry friend to the street. You know he is happy because he wags his tail and barks happily. Have you ever wondered if joy is more about relieving his desire to pee than going out to have fun?

Is it okay for dogs to endure the urge to pee for a long time?

It is true that not everyone can take our dog to urinate outside the house as many times as we can, or, would like. The multiple day-to-day works of owners make the hours extended before dogs can go pee and poop. In his endless day waiting for you at the window, your dog endures the urge to urinate and defecate much more often than you can imagine, with the discomfort that originates in his body.

Some furry friends are lucky enough to have an indoor dog potty, where they can relieve themselves and unload their needs. The urinals for dogs or portable baths for dogs, are a useful gadget for the days when he must stay at home for long periods of time.

How can you teach your dog to use a potty?

With perseverance, discipline and these three steps, you will get your dog to pee in his potty in a few days:

1. Offer a reward when your dog pee or poop in the potty;
2. Let him sniff his own urine in the potty;
3. Establish a short and simple order to send him to the potty;
4. Regulate the hours he drinks and order him to go to the potty about an hour after drinking.

Is it bad for dogs to endure the urge to urinate?

Remember that both urine and bowel movements are made up of wastes and toxic substances that the body expels. If your dog has to endure the urge to pee and poop for prolonged periods, it could develop some serious problems such as urinary tract infections, urinary incontinence, prostate problems in males and bladder stones. In addition, enduring the urge to urinate could aggravate states of anxiety and bad mood.

What about the days of rain, cold and storm?

Some dogs are not able to urinate until a human takes them out of the house. On rainy days this can get complicated.

A rainy day should not be a reason not to take your dog to do their needs. Raincoats for dogs are a perfect solution for rainy days, because they keep your dog protected from moisture in their walking activities, allow absolute mobility and free the areas necessary for their physiological needs.