How to Treat Gastritis in Dogs

The dog's diet is very important, and an improper diet can cause illness to him. Today we will talk about what to do if the dog has gastritis.

Gastritis in dogs

Acute gastritis: Sudden and persistent vomiting.
Cause: Most dogs get gastritis because of the ingestion of irritants or poisoning (eat weeds, bones, plastic bags, rotten food or garbage).

Chronic gastritis: Affected dogs experience vomiting from time to time, but vomiting does not occur after eating. In addition to vomiting, dogs have symptoms such as loss of appetite, lethargy, and weight loss.
Cause: The feeding is irregular and the food is difficult to digest.


Treatment for gastritis:

Treatment for acute gastritis:

Prohibit drinking and eating for at least 6 hours to allow the stomach to fully rest. If the vomiting stops, you can properly give the dog some probiotics and a little water. If it is not serious, this method can usually cure your dog. After 6 hours, you can properly feed your dog some digestible foods, such as soaked dog food. If your dog continues to vomit or get worse, you need to take your furry friend to see a veterinarian right away.

Chronic gastritis treatment:

For chronic gastritis, dogs are often advised to eat foods that are easy to digest and less burden the digestive system.

Food advice when taking care of your dog:

Dry food: 

It is best to choose grain-free dog food which does not contain corn, rice, wheat and other high carbohydrates. Because these elements are likely to burden the dog's stomach, and can not provide the dog with sufficient energy.

Wet food:

Wet food (canned food) is also a good food choice. It contains more water than dog food, but it is more likely to remain on dog teeth than dry food, so be sure to brush your dog's teeth regularly and prepare cleaning products.


Snacks can be properly prepared for dogs, but don't feed too much. Generally, snacks contain a lot of attractants. Dogs eating too much may get dental calculus, indigestion, and they may even consider snacks as their meals.

The main cause of gastritis is improper diet, so the owner should pay special attention to the dog's diet. Train your furry friend not to eat indiscriminately when going out, and to feed them scientifically and reasonably, so as not to burden the dog's stomach.