How to train your pet to sleep in his own bed?


Dogs and sleep is a chapter which is often discussed in pet guidebooks. Many know this: you get a cute little puppy or a cat baby home and actually has the best intentions of education to make everything right. But as there is to educate pets to comply with certain social norms that help them to function efficiently and independently so educating pets to sleep in their own bed is still included.

When the time comes, the sweet four-legged friends look at us from their big round eyes and beg fervently to be allowed to sleep with us. If you don't mind your pet sleeps with you, there's nothing more to talk about. But if you prefer to sleep in your own space, then you should read the following content to find training methods for your beloved babies:


Reasons that suggest your pet should sleep in his own bed


  1. Impairment of sleep quality

Dog or cat in bed can minimize the quality of sleep. Constant position and place change of the four-legged friend can disturb the sleep. Especially people who have mental problems often suffer from sleep problems anyway. In that case, it is not a good idea to get another disturbing factor.


  1. Territorial behavior of pets

In pet education you hear again and again that dogs and cats are territorial animals. That is, they defend their territory against others. So it can happen in extreme cases that your four-legged friend suddenly wants to claim the bed for himself and defends it by growling and barking as you approach. But even if it is not so bad for you, it can still lead to ranking problems. If you let your dog sleep in bed with him, it may be that he no longer accepts you as a "pack leader" and therefore does not support your entire dog training methods.


How to make your pet sleep in his own bed


  1. What your dog needs to learn

Even if he still tries so hard and begs, he must not go to bed. This may be difficult to accept for many pets at first, but after a few nights, he should be quiet. To make your four-legged as easy as possible, you can buy him a cuddly dog ​​bed in which he feels comfortable. The soft, round plush nest-shaped bed by Hisome is a very good choice. With it you give him a piece of independence and a territory that he can claim for himself.


  1. What you need to learn

You may find it difficult to stay firm in the beginning, but keep in mind why you are doing this. Do not go soft and give in, because you know that sleeping by himself is good for you both. Keep in mind that there must be rules in animal care and living with pets.


  1. What might help you

If your pet is very vehement and begs a lot, there is a trick that can be used to save your nerves a bit. Again, before going to bed, retake an intense round of play with your four-legged friend. Cats can consume their energy with a cat teaser of Hisome. Dogs can be tired with snooping games. When your pet is properly depleted, it sleeps better and accepts another place to sleep more easily.