How To Take Care Of A Puppy: A New Owner's Guide


Some of people may be planning to keep a dog without thinking too much, but since you bring him home, you are responsible for him! Here are some tips for owners who are new to keep dogs.

1. Don't bathe your puppy when he just arrived home

Do not bathe a puppy just arrived home even if he has fleas. It is important to know in advance whether the puppy has been vaccinated, or whether it has been fully vaccinated. If you don't know the puppy's condition and give him a bath, you may make your puppy's life in danger.

2. Shampoo for people can't be used for puppies

You'd better use a dog-specific bath gel to bathe your dog. Never use the body wash for human! Because the dog ’s skin tends to be neutral, while adult bath products are too alkaline for the dog ’s skin, which can easily cause the dog to have skin diseases, and you also should use a hair dryer after bathing to blow dry his hair! So please prepare a special bath gel, towel, comb and hair dryer for the dog before bathing him!

3. Don't walk your puppy when he just arrived

Dogs shouldn't be taken out for a walk when they just arrive in a new environment. A week should be given to help your little angel get used to the new environment. In order to prevent dogs from running around, running away, scaring passers-by, encountering motor vehicles, or picking up food at random, you must wear your dog a leash when you walk him outside. Please prepare the leash which is suitable for your puppy's size!

4. Dog food should be prepared

Don't feed your dogs(especially puppies) human food. When you plan to raise him, please prepare dog food for him immediately. Do not use your food as your dog's daily food.

5. Please prepare goat milk instead of milk for your puppy

Try not to prepare milk for puppies, although many dogs drink milk, but milk is low in protein and fat and high in lactose, while dogs need the drink which is high in protein and fat and low in lactose , so please prepare goat milk or goat milk powder suitable for your puppy which would be better for his growth and health.

6. Prepare food for your puppy at a fixed time and with a fixed amount

Puppy has no concept of fullness, so as his owner, please do not irresponsibly give him a bowl of dog food every day and then leave! Dogs need to be fed regularly and quantitatively. If you usually work and don't have time to feed them at noon, then a dedicated timed feeding bowl would be good for you.

7. Puppies who are new at home are very naughty, so it ’s best to keep them in a cage when nobody is at home

Dogs around  three months old are very naughty. When there is no one at home, try to keep the dog in a cage to prevent the dog from tearing things at home and prevent unnecessary tragedies caused by the dog ’s messy eating. Don't think it's cruel to keep your dog in a cage, unless you can accept the mess caused by your little monster.

8. Check if your puppy is vaccinated

After taking the puppy home, you must go to the pet hospital to check whether your puppy have been vaccinated. If not, you must take the dog to be vaccinated to provide the necessary protection for the dog's healthy growth!

9. Remember to deworm your puppy

Dog deworming is equally important. Deworming can be divided into external and internal deworming, which can be performed after the dog has adapted to the new environment. You can go to a pet hospital to buy a special insect repellent for your puppy.

10. Prepare a warm bed for your puppy

Puppies can't stand cold, so after you bring the dog home, please arrange a comfortable and warm nest for him to rest and play, but don’t throw him a carton as his small nest!


Before raising a dog, you have to think about whether you can give him selfless love. Will you be able to always stay with him? Can you afford to keep a dog? If all these are acceptable for you, then take your puppy home happily, he will dedicate all his love to you.