How To Stop Itching Mosquito Bites?


Mosquito bites can bring you effects from itching to allergy to real diseases. Mosquito bites, and even tiger mosquitoes or tropical insects, cannot really be underestimated. Insect bites are in fact very frequent, especially in the summer. However, if for most of us the problem is only to stop scratching, for others the poison can contain allergens or real viruses. Let's see in detail to know about the causes and remedies of insect bites.


Mosquito bites: the causes

Mosquitoes bite because they are bloodsucking insects, such as horseflies, gnats and fleas. This means that they feed on the blood of people and animals to survive. The real question is: why do some people get spiked more often than others? Because mosquitoes also have their tastes: people with blood group O, those who emit more carbon dioxide, such as pregnant women and overweight people, and those who produce more uric acid, lactic acid and ammonia in sweat.


Allergies and insect-borne diseases

In most cases the problem is just how to stop scratching. However, cases in which a mosquito bite produces more serious consequences are not rare. Mosquitoes, even the dreaded tiger mosquito, found in Italy do not transmit diseases. So you can rest assured: you won't get Dengue fever or yellow fever. However, they can cause multiple puncture shocks, caused by an excess of poison, which manifests itself with damage to muscle tissue, heart failure and kidney failure. For those suffering from mosquito poison allergies, the symptoms include tachycardia, nausea and vomiting.


The remedies for mosquito bites

The first thing to do is avoid getting stung. Always take anti-mosquitoes lamps because you can use it even during the night without any harm on people. You can buy a fixed model to put on the balcony, but camping lamps are much more effective (here and here two excellent models). The camping lamps, in fact, besides being cheaper than the wall versions, are also more practical. You can move them and take them with you wherever you want, from the campsite to the simple picnic on the grass. You can also use them for a dinner on the terrace, or put them in a single room. They will guarantee you more effective protection just when you need it. Using them inside and outside the tent, then, they will protect you not only from mosquitoes, but from all the insects attracted by the light.


What if they bite me? How to stop scratching

As we now know, in most cases the effect of a mosquito bite is just a big itch. But there is also an aesthetic consequence, because some of us cannot stop scratching until we get real wounds. Look at your legs: most of the scars are for sure coming form mosquitoes. What to do then? Try your best to control your hands, use papaya cream or other similar things to relieve itching.