How to Safely Approach a Stray Dog


Many kind people want to help stray dogs, but some dogs are close to people, while other dogs are resistant to humans, even you bring him a soft bed or food. Then how to approach stray dogs? Please remind the following points to avoid injury.


Approach the dog from his side

In the world of dogs, a face to face first meet was provocative. He may think he is offended. Therefore, when touching a dog, touch him from his side to avoid direct eye contact.


Squatting down to reduce the dog's defense

For a dog, we humans are still relatively tall. If you approach him blindly, when the dog sees you, he will definitely be nervous and worry about if you will hurt him. Therefore, it is a good choice to squat down to approach him, so that the dog will think that you are relatively friendly. Also don't approach him face to face, try to squat down beside his body.


Don't caress the dog right after squatting

Don't reach out and try to touch the dog right after squatting down, because your behavior is very uncertain for the dog, he can't know what you will do next.
But you can take advantage of the dog's nature. If he approaches you, that means your posture and body language have shown that you are not threatening. He will try to approach you and sniff. This is a good start.


Talk to the dog in a soft tone

When the dog sniffs you, we can gently talk to him in a soft tone. Although the dog doesn't understand what you are saying, he can understand that you are not harmful to him through your expression and tone.


Put food in your hand to see if the dog eats it

At this time, it is better to take out a little bit of food and put the food in your hand until the dog finds it and sniffs. If he eats, it can be proved that you are basically successful! Remember bring some water for the stray dog, a portable water bottle for pets would be good for you.

If the dog does not eat, do not force him, because he still has not relaxed himself. Wait a little bit longer.


If the dog eats food, you can try to touch him

Use one hand to gently reach the dog's body, and start caressing from the position of the scapula close to the back. Remember not to touch the dog's head directly. If you do so, the dog may subconsciously dodge or even attack you. In addition, do not touch the dog's tail and butt. These are the actions that the dog does not like. These actions may completely destroy the trust that you just established, and even directly cause the dog to attack you.


Through these actions, you can basically eliminate the dog’s tension and avoid the dog’s attack. However, we should still emphasize that except in special circumstances, such as rescue, try not to blindly touch the stray dog. Direct contact will cause tension and threat to the dog, which will lead to dog's bad behavior.