How to Prevent and Treat Hairballs for Your Cat

Cats love to clean themselves, they often spend a lot of time to brighten their fur, but this may also cause hairball problems. Let's have a look of all the hairball questions that you may want to know.


Where did the hair go after cat's grooming?

The hair of animals is keratin, and its main component is cysteine, which makes it highly cross-linked, extremely difficult to destroy, dissolve and digest. Therefore, the hair under the cat's grooming has only one result - enter the digestive tract and then excrete out.
However, there are always some hairs that will be left behind in the stomach. When they are gathered in large amounts, they will cause hairball diseases, which will cause the cat to vomit and bloat. In some serious cases, cats even need to do surgery! So don't underestimate this problem! In order not to let our cats suffer, a pet fur remover is really needed.


What is hairball?

Cats spend an average of 15% to 50% of their time every day to lick their hair. This is the normal behavior of them. The cat's tongue and saliva can remove the dirt on their hair.
But at the same time, the hair that has fallen off will be caught in the cat's belly. Some can not be excreted, and gradually becomes a spherical shape in the stomach or digestive tract, which is called a hairball. When these hairballs gather to a certain extent, they will block the digestive tract, causing some diseases.


How to determine if a cat has a hairball problem?

Cats with a general hairball problem will have uncomfortable performances like below:

  1. more frequent retching, sometimes spitting out vomit with hair;
  2. the phenomenon of constipation, with stool being dry and hard and having some hair inside;
  3. mental depression, loss of appetite, rough hair without luster, no bowel movements for many days, stomach swelling and so on.


How to effectively help cats spit out hairballs?

Not every cat can smoothly eliminate the hairball, therefore, it is necessary to provide the cat with some external force to help it smoothly discharge the hairball.

The first trick: cat grass

Features: Cat grass planting method is simple and this kind of grass can grow at a rapid speed, making the home both green and cat-oriented. But, please make sure the soil for cat grass  must have no harmful bacteria in, clean and hygienic!

The second trick: hairball remover food

Features: professional formula, balanced nutrition, recommended for season transition time. The professional hairball remover food contains vegetable oil and crude fiber components, which can effectively solve the hairball problem. During the time of coat changing, pet owners can choose the hairball remover food as the main food for the cat, which can help him solve the health problem.

The fourth trick: specialized hairball remover cream

Features: more professional, faster effect, can be used for daily care. Hair cream is one of the must-have items for cat families. It is usually very palatable, containing hair removal ingredients and nutrients. Regular consumption can effectively prevent the formation of hairballs in cats.