How To Prevent and Control Pet Hair Loss


"Why is my dog ​​losing hair?" Pet owners often ask that question. Depending on what animals you own, hair loss in pets can be a significant problem. Some pets regularly undergo a change of coat and even if this is not the case, dogs and cats lose some hair every day.

Pet hair loss can not only be very annoying, but also indicate a problem with the health and wellness of the animal. So here we show how you can prevent and control the hair loss in pets by proper pet care methods.


The right food

A well planned diet can help prevent hair loss in pets. If your cute baby does not have any special complaints, pet food, which promotes hair and skin health, should be used.For example, omega-3 acids that are found in fish oil. This is especially common in pet food with deep sea fish.

If you give your four-legged friend certain types of animal feed, you should also pay attention to the pet's oral hygiene. For dogs there are special dog toothbrushes, which can help here.


Good bath habits

Proper and regular bathing is also very important for solving pet hair loss. 

Many pet owners bathe their pets several times a week. However, this is not necessary and for some pet breeds also not very well tolerated. Instead, it is quite enough to bathe a dog once or twice a month. Pet bath should be done thoroughly and with proper care products. For this you can buy special dog shampoos in the pet shop. Care should be taken that they are made from natural products and are gentle on the hair and skin.


Daily care for pets

How to avoid hair loss in dogs depends entirely on the cause of the problem. In case of potential diseases, a veterinarian should be consulted. Besides, proper pet care is important. This includes, as already mentioned, the right washing. If you can't handle it, some pet shops also offer a bath service.

In case of hair loss in pets, daily hair care is also extremely important. One should clean and care for the fur of the four-legged friend twice a day with a fur brush usually. This can also prevent diseases due to parasites and contamination. Thus, the proper pet care also ensures the health and wellness of the animal.


All in all, you can prevent and control hair loss in pets.

Potential diseases should be excluded first. If the veterinarian does not find any health problems, you can usually prevent pet hair loss with adequate pet care. These include proper nutrition, thorough and not too frequent washing and a good hair care. With these methods, pet hair loss can be greatly relieved.