How to Get Rid of Stinky Dog Breath

Your dog may express his love for you by kissing you, but if he has a bad breath, you will not enjoy this too much. So, what should we do to solve this problem? Here are some tips.


1.Choose suitable food for your dog


Dry dog ​​food

Generally speaking, dry dog ​​food is better than wet dog food (canned food). Wet dog food tends to build up tartar on the teeth, while dry food is harder and crunchy. When dogs bite dry food, they can scrape the surface of teeth .

Some owners are accustomed to keeping the dog food in contact with the dog throughout the day. In fact, this is not good, because the bacteria in the mouth will be more active every time your dog eat. If you feed him twice a day, the bacteria will only be active twice.

Vegetables and fruits

Owners can feed fresh vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins and high fiber, which can rub the surface of teeth during chewing.

Pet food experts recommend dogs eating special dog food rather than human food. In addition to being crisp and moderate and cleaning teeth, special dog foods also have healthy formulas provided by experts, which can effectively ensure the dog's nutritional needs.


2. Clean your dog's mouth


Wipe your dog's teeth

Take a strip of gauze dipped in some normal saline and wind it around the index finger. Wipe the gums and the teeth in sequence. The action should be light to avoid damaging the gums.

Brush your dog's teeth

After the dog adapts, use a special pet toothbrush and dip some pet toothpaste to brush his teeth. Never use human toothpaste to brush your dog's teeth. Human toothpaste is very irritating to the dog and will cause his digestive system to be uncomfortable.

Many dogs don't like brushing their teeth, so we'd better wipe their teeth with a small gauze when they are a few months old, let them get used to it, and use a toothbrush for dogs later.


3. Use medical methods

Feed your dog digestive yeast

If bad breath is caused by poor digestion, you can give your dog a digestive yeast. This can help your dog's stomach to digest, and by intestinal peristalsis and lactic acid bacteria decomposition, the problem of poor digestion of the stomach can be improved.

Dental cleaning is needed if other methods don't work

If the cleaning method does not work, take your dog to a veterinarian to check if there is calculus or excessive tartar. You need to provide your dog dental cleaning method to improve it, or check to see if there are any other reasons.


4. Treats and toys to relive dog bad breath

Dental dog treats

When feeding dental dog treats, the owner should better hold the treats, and let the dog's front teeth, left and right molars bite the dental chews, so that they can be used to their full potential, otherwise they may be eaten by the dog within 5 minutes.

Dental cleaning toys

How to make dogs clean their teeth while making them feel interesting? Dental cleaning toys allow dogs to get a fresh breath while maintaining fun. Choosing a super chewable toy will make your dog fall in love with cleaning his teeth.

Dog bad breath can't be underestimated. It not only makes you feel gross, but also may be related to the health of the dog. In order to make the dog more healthy and clean, the owner must take good care of the dog's oral hygiene.