How to Get Fit – Exercise Routine and Diet Tips


Truthfully, fitness is a costly thing both costing money and energy. We may need coaching to master the correct exercise method and eating habits, and expensive gym equipment may also be needed to meet our exercise demands.

But today I want to introduce some tips to let you get fit easier.


Exercise routine you should always keep in mind


1. Warm up

No matter what exercise you do, a warm-up before starting is always needed to avoid injury.

Because warm-up exercises can increase body temperature to reduce the risk of sports injuries

and increase the excitability of the nerve system to improve performance. Besides, it can also awaken the heart and lungs, avoiding the feeling of discomfort after the start of exercise due to insufficient warm-up.

An easy walk outside or a slow pace on a stationary bike would both meet your warm up needs.

2. Resistance exercise/strength training

Strength training needs energy and it consumes muscle and liver glycogen. However, the cardio exercise first consumes glycogen. Only when they used up, the body begins to consume the stored energy (fat). Therefore, doing resistance exercise first, then cardio exercise, will be more conducive to weight loss.

Pull-ups, push-ups, and squats are all economical and convenient methods for strength training.

3. Cardio exercise

If there’s no need for you to lose weight, then you can just do strength training. But the beauty-loving people who lose weight can't be lazy at this step. The most typical cardio exercises are running, cycling and swimming, which were mentioned in detail in the previous article. Remember to bring a Hisome belt to carry the things you need and get a cheap S9 smart watch to mark your exercise records.

4. Flexibility moves

Stretching after exercise is as important as warming up before the workout. It not only creates perfect muscle lines but also avoids the damage caused by muscle stiffness and the soreness after exercise. Floor stretches or yoga poses will both work for you.


What to eat to get fit?

The fitness needs of the crowd are different and the food needed are different, too. But all should eat in a healthy way.

For people who are mainly focusing on weight loss, be sure to avoid excessive intake of carb foods. Because when there are too many carbohydrates in the human body, they’ll be converted into fat and stored, which makes people too obese and causes various diseases such as hyperlipidemia and diabetes.

For people who want to get fit, especially those who eager to gain muscle, protein is the most needed substance to supplement. But, carbohydrates are equally important. The first substance that consumed by strength training is the glycogen in the muscles. If the intake of carbohydrates is insufficient, the body will consume protein, which is not worth the candle. Take plenty of carbohydrates and water before fitness, add protein after fitness and before sleeping (because before bedtime, it is good for muscle repair)


What’s the secret of getting fit? That’s a question most beginners would ask. As a person did many researches for fitness, here I can tell you: Patience and persistence. With these two values and my advice for fitness mentioned before, you’ll get a fit body you’re dreaming of.