How to clean a dog's ears?


How to clean a dog’s ears? This is a problem that many pet owners may concern, cause it strongly related to dog health care. The dog's ear canal is L-shaped, so it is easy to accumulate wax, dirt or water. Therefore, dogs’ ears need to be cleaned and kept dry. And here we’ll introduce you detailed steps too know your pet better, please don’t miss~


  • ear wash(special for dogs)
  • Cotton
  • Scorpion


Steps of ear washing

  1. Check each side of ears and the external auditory canal once or twice a month. The skin on the inside of the ear and the auricle should be pink, if it is red, brown or black, there is a problem. And ears with problems often have a foul smell. Remember that a little ear wax is normal, otherwise is not.
  1. To do dog ear clean, first you should cut the long hairs that are growing in the ear canal. If these hairs are neglected and grow too long, they will accumulate earwax, block air circulation, and eventually cause infectious diseases. Be sure to do this with a solid trim table and good light. Put the dog on the table and help to fix it if necessary.

  1. Because the ear canal is very deep, so when cutting off excess hair, it is better to grab the auricle and pull it back or put it flat on the head. Use your thumb and forefinger, or if you have experience, use tweezers carefully to pull out excess hair from the ear canal. If the hair is not easy to grasp, sprinkle the ear powder to help yourself. Don't put your fingers in a place you can't see, and you can only pull a small amount of hair at a time, otherwise the dog will feel pain.
  1. Once the hair in the ear is removed, use a cotton ball with ear lotion (dog-specific) or mineral oil to remove dirt, earwax and residual ear powder. Wipe only in the area where you can see and do not stretch too far. Besides, remember to treat your dog, a rubber ball with snacks would be his preference. 

  1. If there is a lot of earwax on the cotton ball and the ear has a bad smell, you must use a ear lotion to clean the canal. At this time, grab the cartilage of the ear, and gently pull it to allow the liquid to fully contact the ear. Apply a few drops of ear protection oil to the ear canal.
  1. Put your hand on the dog's head so that it doesn't tremble. Use the other hand to massage the ear and pour out the protection oil, let the blocky dirt in the ear flow out.
  1. After a period of massage, release your hand and the dog will swing his head. Don't worry, this is the instinct of the dog to protect the vulnerable parts of his ear, which can make the earwax in the depth float to the surface.

  1. Once the earwax is out, clean the ear with a cotton ball. If the dog's ears are large and thick, use a rubber band to tie the auricle to the back of the head for a few minutes to allow it to dry completely (do not entangle the auricle itself, just tie the hair under the auricle).


In fact, it is not complicated to do ear cleaning for your dog. Many people can do it at home. Sometimes helping dogs to clean their ears is the best chance to get closer with your dogs, so let’s learn it now and get closer with our lovely pets!