How to Choose the Perfect Dog Breed for You

When it comes to dog breeds, many don't know how to answer the question: which dog should I have?

Choosing the right dog breed is not a trivial matter and in this article we will try to explain the difference between:
● small dog breeds
● medium-sized dog breeds
● large dog breeds
so you can understand how to choose the perfect dog breed just for you.

Now let's see together which dog breed suits you!


Dog breeds


Small dog breeds

Surely it is much easier to have a small dog at home because it will take up less space and therefore will be less constipated in a city apartment than a large dog. Moreover it will be easier to take care of him from the point of cleaning and oral hygiene.
A small dog, like a chihuahua or a yorkshire, can be perfect dogs for adults and a little less for children, being quite nervous by nature. Sometimes we choose a dog for its size, not recognizing a short temper that is rather more important.
Always try to choose a dog not only for its size but also for its affinities and the pleasure it having with you.


Medium-sized dog breeds

Medium-sized dogs are the ones that are most easily found in our homes and also in our gardens. We go from boxer to schnauzer, as well as a hunting dog as a setter or a beagle. Each of these dogs has a different character but can be comfortable both in a home and in an apartment.You can even use the dog for your hobbies, like hunting. A medium sized dog is usually an excellent runner.
Beyond the character disadvantage,  there can always be a medium-sized dog being the ideal friend for those who do not have a very small apartment and want to help the dog maintain its physical form even with long trips to the park or countryside.
A dog is always a universe in itself, so it's always better to choose this or that breed after reading a lot of articles and having lived this or that dog. Then it is clear that a statistic cannot be done but a medium sized dog is a great friend for adults and children.


Large breeds

Who among us wouldn't want a Great Dane or a Saint Bernard in the house? Probably all because the big dogs are very good and they are wonderful traveling companions, especially if we have a nice garden where the dog cannot feel constrained and can run around without any restraint.
If we only have a small apartment we don't take a big dog just for our selfishness, please. He would be sick and it would be difficult to contain, so no. A big dog needs a lot of attention. And when you bring him out, ladies may have difficult control him for his strength. So a collar must be needed for large dog breeds when going outside and single lady is best to give up this choice.
No to the big dog if you don't have the right spaces, it would be a defeat for both.


Dogs are cute, but you must be careful when choosing them. Choosing the dog that suits you best and staying with him will bring happiness to both you and your dog.