Get Rid of Pet Hair for Good - Useful Ways You Should Know


The pet's hair at home is definitely a big problem for all pet owners. Especially for cats, they go through hair loss twice a year, and each hair loss period will take almost half a year. So it is a good method to learn cleaning ways as follow to get rid of pet hair.


1.Hair Comb for Pets

There are many kinds of combs, but it is best to use shell combs. It won't hurt your baby and can effectively collect the hair together.

But be careful, when you start to comb your pet, let it smell the comb and familiarize with it. For cats, imitating the cat's mane's bristles to the cat's hair will help him accept the comb.


2. Grooming and Deshedding Glove

This is a suitable tool for use when you are free. However, you may get yourself into such a situation: you can't get the hair collected without much strength. If strength put on your baby is too heavy, then he may resist or escape. So It is only suitable when you have free time and want to make your baby more comfortable. It can remove some floating hair.

3. Fur Removal Brush

This is for pet owners who let pets sleep in bed. It's great to let your baby sleep on your bed, but you may get a bed full of pet hairs! The hair on the bed is more difficult to remove, this kind of brush will be very convenient. All the hair will stick to your brush. The only downside is that you have to use a lot of strength.


4. Static Hair Removal Broom

The "static" broom can be owned by DIY - Put a plastic bag on your broom and use a plastic bag to rub against the floor. The pet's hair on the floor will stick to it. This method is very effective. Besides, using a plastic broom will get better results.

Pet hair loss is a normal phenomenon, except for pathological hair loss, others are inevitable. Before we talked about the countermeasures of pet hair loss, this time we focused on how to clean up the fallen pet hair, hoping it will help you! If anyone has a better hair cleaning method, please feel free to share it!