How To Get Rid of Annoying Insects While Camping



In the summer months, countless people go out for camping because of the good weather and beautiful scenery. This is often a true highlight of the year, where both friends and families can enjoy nature. The idyllic days and nights in the wild are often disturbed by insects though. The bites of mosquitoes and other insects can not only regularly interrupt sleep, but can also lead to intense itching or even allergic reactions. This article explains how to get rid of the annoying insects and how to prevent stings.


Repellents against insects

Various repellents can protect you against mosquitoes and other insects and are also easy to apply. Depending on the brand and active ingredient, these are more or less effective. The WHO recommended substance is DEET. This is used in various products, such as Anti Brumm Forte, which provides reliable protection against insects. However, this product may cause skin irritation in some individuals, especially with regular use. For this reason, there are also some other drugs and insect repellent agencies, which can also keep insects away. Repellents are usually used as a cream or spray and should be given on uncovered skin.


Insect repellent devices

If you want to get rid of insects while camping in the summer, you can also rely on technical aids. Particularly popular ones are UV lamps (similar to electric fly swatters) which can attract mosquitoes and other insects and it does no harm on people. These can be placed inside or outside the tent and usually offer a variety of additional functions. For example, two interesting models from Hisome act simultaneously as tent lanterns or insect trapper. These and some other UV lamps also have built-in batteries, so there’s no necessity to connect a direct power supply.


Protection by prevention

In addition to repellents and technical devices for insect repellent in the summer, there are also a few more tricks. First, you should choose a suitable place to camp. In the vicinity of wetlands, the chance of encountering insects is particularly high. In addition, possible breeding grounds for mosquitoes (for example, lying on rain-water-filled objects) should be removed. Additional protection is fly nets. If these are not installed on the tent or caravan, you can possess them at a low price. These close-meshed nets prevent insects from entering the sleeping area and prevent them from disturbing or stinging at night. Even the right behavior can help you get rid of insects. For example, at night you should avoid bright light in the open tent as it attracts mosquitoes. During the day, however, long and loose clothing can protect you from stinging.


All in all, there are various ways to get rid of insects when camping in summer. Repellents are particularly effective as they protect the body directly. However, UV lamps can also be very effective, as these mosquitoes can be easily trapped and at the same time can serve as a light source. With fly nets and right clothes, you can also protect against stings. With the right methods, you can effectively keep insects away. Thus, enjoy your summer camping without fearing for painful or itchy stings!