For These Reasons You Should Get A Dog

One thing is clear: dog owners need to invest a lot of money and, above all, time in their pet. To raise a dog is accompanied by considerable restrictions. Suddenly, after work, you no longer sit comfortably on the sofa and watch TV, but make your rounds with your four-legged friend without caring if it is raining or snowing. However, there are many advantages to own a dog. If you want to know what they are, read on.

Are dog owners happier?

That's a question that most dog owners would not hesitate to answer with "yes". But it is not just a guess, it is also scientifically confirmed. Dog owners are happier and less neurotic, according to studies by researchers at Manhattan New York College.

Also, to get the self-healing powers going, holding a dog is beneficial. To activate the healing process, hug your dog twice and inhale its smell. Repeat this three times a day and you will notice how you feel better.

What health problems can my dog ​​help me with?

Owning a dogs helps with anxiety and mental health problems.

It is not without reason that therapy dogs are now frequently used in nursing homes and also child and youth welfare services. The trusting and joyful behavior of dogs is contagious, reduces stress and anxiety, and has a calming effect on people. Even the sensation of pain can be lowered just by the mere presence of a dog.

Positive effects on heart health

As the presence of a pet relaxes us and reduces stress, it also lowers our blood pressure. Of course, this also has a positive effect on our heart in the long run. In addition, dog owners usually have a lot of exercise in the fresh air, which in turn leads to improved health.

An improved immune system

The companionship and behavior of a pet, which is characterized as the love to the owner, increases the amount of immune fluid proteins and T cells in the blood, causing the immune system to improve and diseases to be well protected from the body. For example, scientists have found that even children living with dogs in the home are less ill. They have, according to studies, a 30 percent lower risk of respiratory infections.


That love can do a lot to help you get well and stay healthy. The love of a dog is unconditional and can therefore cause a series of positive mental and physical processes in the owner. Thus it is clear: dog owners live happier and healthier.