Everything You Need to Know About Bathing Your dog

Although your dog will try to wash itself, this is not enough and you will have to consider bath as one of the dog's care task you should finish. When it comes to knowing how to bathe your dog, one of the issues that you have to take into account is the frequency and this will depend on the time you spend outdoors or if your dog have skin problems. Usually, bath a dog once in a month will be more than enough.

The health of the dog is essential to be in perfect condition and bath is one of the things you have to do well so that your doggy's skin looks radiant and bright. Bathing your dog can be an arduous task since many dogs do not like bath time. But don't worry, with patience you will make the dog's bath a fun and relaxing time for him. And we will show you everything you need to know to bathe your dog in the best way.

Steps to follow for the dog's bath

Once you have to bathe your dog, follow these steps and it will become quite simple. Learn how to bathe your dog by following these simple procedures:

1. Heat the water. The ideal temperature is around 40.
2. Then pour water on your dog by using your hands to let it acclimatize to the temperature.
3. Moisten your dog with the shower head, preventing water from entering its ears.
4. After this, apply dog ​​shampoo and perform the dog's bath from head to toe.
5. Use the shower head again to rinse your dog and apply some hair care products.
6. Dry your dog with a good absorbent towel and then use a dryer to blow dry it's hair.

Things you should concern while bathing your dog

Although dog bathing is mandatory for all dogs, it is true that there are several things you should keep in mind so that the bath is perfect and does not affect the health of the dog. Take note of these simple tips and your pet's bath time will be perfect!

  • Keep in mind that dogs cannot use the same shampoo you use for yourself.
  • You should never bathe a puppy less than 3 months old.
  • You should always consult your veterinarian to make sure how much time should pass before your furry friend can bathe after giving him a vaccine.
  • Tangles in your dog's coat should be removed before bathing, especially in dogs that have long curly hair. A comb for pets will allow you to untangle your dog's hair and its high quality heads and antistatic bristles will offer your dog a smooth and effortless hairstyle.
  • The best time to bathe your dog is at noon, since the temperature is stable.
  • You will always need to bathe your dog after swimming or if it has been wet in the rain.