Ear Mites vs. Ear Wax - How to Tell the Difference

Ear mites are small parasites that parasitize on the surface of the skin and external auditory canal. They suck lymph and skin cells and live on tissue residues.

Ear mites spend their entire lives on the host. They lay their eggs on the ear canal and nearby fur. If left untreated, ear mites can cause ear inflammation and potential hearing loss and can easily spread from animal to animal.

The difference between ear wax and ear mites:

1. If your pets get ear mites, dirt on the ear is not easily crushed, a bit like oily dirt in a bicycle. If it is earwax, it should be accumulated by dust, and easy to broken when crushed. It also depends on whether your pet often scratches his ears himself. If so, it is basically ear mites.

2. Does the dog still smell smelly just after taking a bath? And the smell is not the smell of the pet himself, but the stench.

Symptoms of ear mites infection:

  • Pets often scratch their ears and shake their heads.
  • The ear collects waxy substances (like ground coffee beans) secreted by the sebaceous glands of the external ear canal.
  • Irritation caused by ear mite saliva makes the external ear canal swollen and inflamed.
  • Frequent scratching and continual shaking of the head can cause ear hematoma and facial deformation.

Treatment of ear mites:

Use ear wash for pets to thoroughly clean the ear canal, then drip the ear drops for treatment, and rub a few times on the outside of the ear to make the medicine evenly distributed in the ear. Ear mites are stubborn and require continuous medication for more than 20 days until they are cured.

All affected pets in the same home must be treated at the same time to reduce the chance of mutual infection.

When cleaning the ear canal, be sure to use hemostatic forceps and cotton. Never use a cotton swab, because the stick of the cotton swab is too hard, which will damage the epithelial cells of the ear canal, which may cause future bacterial infection and then become otitis . Or it may poke the ear drum and cause injury to the inner ear. In addition, the cotton swab will push the ear wax into the ear canal, plugging the ear canal and affecting the treatment.

Points for cleaning pet ears:

First pour the ear wash into the ear canal, then lift the ear with one hand to prevent the ear wash from flowing out, and massage the ear canal with the other hand to allow the ear wash and ear wax to mix thoroughly, then use a rolled cotton swab to clean ears. Drip the ear drops for treatment and massage the ears. The method and gesture of dripping are the same as those of ear wash.

Remember to comfort your pet and relieve his stress, a toy with treats may be good for your pet.


Pet ears need to be cleaned to avoid problems. Droopy ears, long hair and secretions in the ears can cause the pet to get sick. So always pay attention to your pet's ear cleanliness.