Create A Cool Summer,Air Conditioner Into The Favorite


Summers are here in full swing and if there is one unremarkable necessity to heat this summer: It is air cooler to enjoy a cool summer.



The air-cooler is divided into refrigeration industrial air-cooler and household air-cooler. The industrial air-cooler is generally used in the refrigeration environment of cold storage and cold chain logistics. The household air-cooler is also called a water-cooled air-conditioner. It is an evaporative air-cooler which integrates cooling, ventilation, dust-proof and deodorization.



Today, there an increasing number of different air conditioners on the market. Apart from bringing fresh air and lowering temperature to the workshop, public place, and business entertainment,  air conditioner also has an important feature - energy-saving and environmental protection.

 The 4-In-1 Small Air air conditioners are popular on the market which has small size and multiple uses. What’s more, It is a portable air conditioner and can be used for home or office or any place in which you want to enjoy a cool environment.

  •  【Eco-friendly & Convenient】

Our small air conditioner is environmentally friendly and low energy consumption, It can be charged through USB( package included), or 18650 battery(packaged not included), which is convenient to take it to any place.



  • 【4-in-1 Multi Function】

This personal air conditioner is designed with an air cooling fan, 7 LED lights, Sterilize, Diffuser. You could add clean water for humidifier function, or add aromatherapy oil for aromatherapy function( a transparent straw packaged include).


  • 【Three Gear Wind Speed 】

Three wind speeds (high, medium, low) and 90-degree wind direction can be adjusted. So, you can choose the most suitable one to enjoy your leisure time, sleeping or working time. 



  • 【Portable and Easy to use】

It is easy to use this personal air cooler, just add water, plug power on, and turn it on. Micro USB cable needs to be connected when work, and this air cooling unit is suitable for any room, office, travel, camping, and other activities.