Camping List: What Should I Bring for Camping?


Early spring, mid-summer, and late fall have one important thing in common. They are all a great time to camp! In fact, if you’ve ever been camping, you know that there’s no shortage of fun when you’re on a camping trip. You can enjoy a long summer, swim, improve your fitness, cook on a campfire, and enjoy the sounds of nature. 

Of course, if you haven’t been camping before, you may still be incredibly excited. You may also be a little overwhelmed, wondering “what should I bring on a camping trip?” Luckily, we are going to help you answer the tough questions with this list of essentials that you’ll need when you go to camp. No need to question “what should I bring?” Just pack to following items and you’re ready to be on your way to camp. 


1. Tent

Unless you’re planning to camp in a cabin, you’ll probably need to pack a tent. Of course, you can always camp in your sleeping bag under the stars, but the tent provides protection from bugs, rain, or the bright sun early in the morning, so it may be a good idea.


2. Fitness Wear

Of course, you’ll want to pack a few changes of clothes, maybe one for every day you plan to camp. Be sure that you pack fitness attire, or other comfortable, non-restricting clothes so that you can be active and still stay cool. Fitness wear that is appropriate for camping could include shorts, yoga pants, t-shirts, and a sturdy pair of tennis shoes or hiking boots. Just ensure you keep the temperature in mind as you pack your fitness wear.


3. Cooler and Campfire Food

All the fitness activities and exploring you’ll do while you camp will probably make you very hungry. If you’re camping out of a tent, you’ll probably do most of your cooking on a campfire. You can pack a cooler full of water, as well as foods that are easy to cook on a campfire (when wrapped in foil or placed in fire-safe cooking dishes) like potatoes, corn on the cob, fish, hot dogs, and more. You may also want to pack easy snacks and sandwiches, just in case the fitness activities make you too tired to cook!


4. Sleeping Bags and Pillows

You want a good night’s rest after all the fitness and other activities you’ll do while you camp, so be sure you pack a pillow and a sleeping bag (or blanket). Toss in a book if you want to read by firelight to help you wind down before bed. 


5. Perimeter Lighting and Flashlights

The best thing about going to camp is being away from the city lights and noises. It’s very relaxing, but can also be very dark at night time! Be sure you pack a flashlight and extra batteries. More importantly, get some solar-powered perimeter lights to light up your camp area. They don’t need batteries and they’ll help you avoid stumbling around in the dark during the late night hours or early morning. 


6. Bug Repellants

Going to camp is great, and the only downside may be the bugs. Chemical bug sprays may work, but when you’re away at camp and can’t easily wash it away, you may want to avoid putting chemicals on your skin. Instead, opt for a portable anti-mosquito lantern, which will attract and kill the bugs at your campsite, keeping them off your skin. 


Now that you know, you shouldn’t be wondering “What should I bring to camp?” Just pack these essentials and you’re ready to take on the great outdoors!