Best Cardio Exercises for Weight Loss, Health and Fitness


Cardio exercise is one of the most important things you can do for your body, whether you want to lose weight, burn fat, or generally improve your health. Do you know how to make every second of your cardio to burn fat count? There are some tips for you to make your cardio exercise count. Choose the right cardio sports, warm-up and cool down for a few minutes every time in a wise way.


Warming up for Cardio Exercises:



1. Have some foods rich in amino acids.

While you do cardio exercises, it will burns fat, from which the muscles will be tightened and you will also feel much muscle pain. So it is recommended to have some amino acid-rich food cause that muscle soreness and stiffness can be minimized and relieved in this way.

2. Drink a hot drink before exercise.

Have a hot drink before exercise,it can warm up the body in advance, effectively accelerate metabolism, and will reach the best results in the shortest exercise time.

3. Take some relaxation exercises after a period of cardio sports.

4. Do some preparation work as your own needs before or after exercise to avoid the discomfort caused by lack of oxygen and ensure that the brain gets enough oxygen.


Three trendy Cardio Exercises:

1. Swimming




Swimming needs to overcome the resistance of water instead of gravity. Muscles and joints are not easy to be hurt and can be protected well. Especially, swimming in the cold water environment consumes a large number of calories, which is a useful and effective movement for weight loss. When combined with dieting, the effect is more obvious.


2. Jogging



After jogging, the brain's blood and oxygen supply can be increased by 20%, and it will make night sleep quality improved. During the running process, the average lung capacity rises from 5.8 L to 6.2L, acting as a ”ventilation” role. At the same time, it will increase the oxygen-carrying capacity in the blood and strengthens the heart accordingly. Long-term jogging can slow down the heart rate and increase the elasticity of the blood vessel wall so that it can relieve tension and anxiety, which is beneficial to health.


3. Cycling



Bicycles are instrumental in keeping your brain from aging and it will help us improve the sensitivity of the nervous system. It will train the strength of lower limb muscles and enhance overall strength and endurance. Cycling is a periodic aerobic exercise. If you ride the bicycle on a regular base and consume more calories, which is also an effective way to reduce weight. Riding bicycle has a more rapid and better recovery action for the people with cervical spondylosis and lumbar disc.



Advice for Cardio Exercises :

1. Moderate exercise

Excessive exercises can harm your body unconsciously. For example, running over 15 miles per week is a big overdone work. We would suggest you do fitness training 4 or 5 times a week 30 minutes each time. Trying proper fitness, the possibility of cardiovascular disease and cancer can be reduced as well.

2. Trot

Trot(12 minutes per mile) is a good way for fitness. It is no inferior to jogging (9 minutes per mile), and it also eliminates the knee injury compared with running.

3. Make full use of every spare time

It is not necessarily required to do exercise for 30 minutes in the gym. The fragmented time can be fully utilized. They're having the same effect on fitness, for example, walking the dog for 10 minutes every day, washing the car for 10 minutes, and doing housework for 10 minutes.

4. Alternate exercise

It is good to alternate exercises, and you will fee more relax in this way. You take a bicycle today, you go jogging tomorrow. And you could also change your running speed at different conditions.

5. Don’t judge health by weight

Exercise can usually reduce weight, but losing weight is not the only factor that pulls you do exercises. A fat man who is diligent in fitness is much healthier than a thin man who is sitting still. Regular exercises matter more for everyone.

6. Be open-minded about fitness

Fitness is a long-run project. Physical exercise is necessary for both physical and mental health. You have to be very careful with the food we have, control cigarettes and wine and have a healthy life. Most importantly, please pay more attention to mental state, don’t be so nervous and take it easy.