Back to School 2019: Everything You Need

Like every year, towards the end of the summer, the start of school is reached. No matter if it is about the initial training, a change of school or just a return to school life, the school starts every year with stress and emotions. This applies to both parents and children.

In order to be able to properly prepare for this important time, this article explains the most important information and tips at a glance from the traditions and gift ideas for the beginning of school to the most important school materials.

Traditions at the beginning of school

Regarding the start of summer after school there are many different traditions. To make it easier to get started in school, almost all children receive a school bag from their parents on the first day of school. This is usually filled mostly with sweets and school supplies.

However, you can also add other small gifts that might be useful at school. A good example of this is a cheap watch with a fitness tracker. When choosing a school bag, parents have the free choice. You can buy them or create them yourself. With the second option you can give the school bag a very personal touch with the help of fabric craft kits and other craft supplies to decorate it individually.

Gift ideas and equipment for school children

Children in higher grades will also enjoy small gifts before the start of school. These can additionally motivate them, as they show that diligence in school is rewarded.

Especially with older children, the gift ideas should not always be related to the school. For example, leisure and sporting goods are also particularly popular, like sports belt for cell phones or sports T-shirts and trousers.

In the school itself, however, the right equipment should not be missing. Most important is a good school bag. This should be comfortable and the right size to fit all school supplies. For physical education, each schoolchild should also have a sports belt or bag.

Essential school materials

The purchase of school materials before the start of school is extremely important in order to make it easy to start the day at school. To know what to buy, most schools provide a list of school materials listing all the important articles. These usually include:

• Pencil case
• Pencils, pens, sharpeners & erasers for writing
• Ruler
• booklets, folders
• School supplies for art classes
• lunch box & bottle for the break

These school supplies can be purchased at almost any stationery store or on the Internet. The selection of articles is often huge, which is why a price comparison can be worthwhile. To make sure that the child has the necessary school supplies and will not forget anything, you should regularly consult the list of school supplies when purchasing.

All in all, the start of school is tiring but also a very special experience. Both at enrollment and when returning to the next higher grade, care should be taken to ensure that the schoolchild has all the necessary stationery. For this one can look at the list for school materials. Small gifts and rewards before starting school can also motivate and make it easier to get started in everyday school life.