Adopting an Adult Dog - 6 Tips for a Successful Adoption


It takes a lot of courage to adopt an adult dog. We don't know how the original owner educated the dog and whether the dog has developed some bad habits. But this cannot be an excuse for us not to adopt an adult dog. As long as we give love and adopt some reasonable tips, we can all become better.

About skin diseases

Because of the new environment and diet, skin diseases may be induced. A skin scraping test should be done to confirm the cause. If the medicine is not sprayed in time, the skin disease will worsen and increase the dog's pain.
Even if the skin disease is cured, the owner may not take it lightly, check your pet's hair at least once a week, because the injury is very likely to relapse in the future. Prescription drugs for skin diseases should always be available at home.

About dog's pee and poop

Due to changes in environment and diet, dogs may pee and poop around at first. Observe the dogs carefully, you will know the regularity of their bowel movements, so as long as you find some movements in front of the stool, immediately take him outside to pee and poop. If you live in an apartment, you can leave the dogs on the balcony. Dogs can get used to going to the toilet in a fixed place after being trained several times.
The owner must be diligent and observe the dog's habits so that he can develop the habit of regular bowel movements.

About barking

The change in the dog's living environment will cause his mood to change. For a strange environment, he can only bar to dispel his loneliness and anxiety. As the owner, you have to give the dog more security and touch the dog to relieve his anxiety. There are always reasons for dog barking, and the owner should think about it in order to find the corresponding solution. Don't insult and scold your dog casually, you need to guide him patiently.

About food aggression

Dogs may have food aggression when they first arrive at home. Many puppies can be corrected quickly because they are taught from a young age. It is not recommended to beat your dog, it is harmful to the dog's mental and physical health.
Let your dog know who is the boss. It is recommended not to pinch the food with your fingers, so as not to be scratched. Whenever feeding, the owner first holds the food bowl, and the height of the dog bowl should be suitable for the dog to eat. Then turn down the bowl and stand next to the bowl to let the dog eat. Get rid of alertness by getting your dog used to eating with someone being around.

About inappropriate chewing

There is always a reason for a dog's inappropriate chewing, which is nothing more than boredom, itchy teeth, and loneliness. You can give your dog a big bone or a carton when you go out to distract his attention, and this can effectively ease his attention to other objects.
Lessons are needed, but the beatings are not reliable and it is important to find a suitable method.
Just pack up the living room and put your valuables away. Giving your dog a carton or a big bone when going out.

About dog training

Because it is an adult dog, its learning ability is indeed inferior to that of puppies. Don't be discouraged, he just needs a few times more. Don't underestimate the intelligence of your dog. Don't rush to achieve everything. We educate dogs just to make it easier to manage, do not force and beat dogs during education, otherwise, it will be counterproductive and make training a terrible action. The owner's patient teaching and the method suitable for his dog are very important!


Adopting instead of buying, it is already painful for adult dogs to change owners halfway through. We need to accompany them with more love and take good care of them.