8 Wonderful Tips to Dress Up Your Pet This Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner and some pet owners may be starting to wonder not only what to dress for themselves, but also what to dress for their pets. Although some people just shake their heads in the face of costumed pets, it has become quite a trend for our four-legged friends to be dressed up. In this article you will find Halloween Dressing Tips for your dog, if you have not had a suitable idea.

First of all, it should be pointed out that every animal is different and not all can make friends with clothing and headdresses. Note that if your dog does not like these things, then do not force him to do so. But if your baby does not mind being dressed up, then have fun trying it out. But keep in mind that the safety and needs of your dog should be in the foreground.

Halloween costumes for pets

• The ghost

A very simple variant that you can easily make is a ghost. Just take an old white sheet or tablecloth and cut five holes for the tail and legs. Also eyes, nose and mouth of the dog should be spared. Then the little fright-ghost is done.

• The Mummy

Also very simple, but effective is dressing as a mummy. All you need is a few bandages, depending on the size of your dog. Then wrap around your pet. Finally, you can write words on it or paint spooky symbols on it.

• The spider

If you make your dog a spider, it is also real eye-catching. There are costumes in the form of a spider body with legs, which are attached only with the help of a belt around the belly of the dog, which works especially well in smaller dogs. In Hisome Shop you will find a super light spider costume for your baby.

• The bat

It is also a funny idea to attach bat wings to your dog. This costume will be a special eye-catcher if you have several dogs all dressed up like this. If you have opted for this costume, have a look at Hisome. Here you will find bat wings in different sizes.

• The lion

That's how you make your pet feel like the king of the jungle. Just buy a hair dress, it is simply attached to the dog's head. This cover is especially suitable for dogs with a longer coat.

• The dinosaur


Even with a dinosaur costume, your four-legged friend is perfectly prepared for Halloween. It fits best with French Bulldogs.

• The pumpkin

This is a very classic Halloween costume, which is also often chosen for children. No wonder, it looks very cute. But do not forget the leash on the way out, because pumpkins are everywhere in Halloween day.

• The flower

This is a good idea especially for singles. With a dog dressed as a flower, you are sure to attract attention and make it easier to start a conversation.


Have you already decided on the costume for your four-legged friend?