5 Ways to Avoid Losing Your Dog

Some dogs may be lucky enough to return to the owner after being lost, but other dogs will never be able to meet their owners again. In order to avoid such a situation, we must understand the circumstances under which the dog is easy to get lost, and then find out ways to prevent these situations!


3 Reasons may cause the loss of your dog


  • Being frightened

Dogs are often frightened by sudden emergencies because they have no time to respond when walking outside. Driven by physiological instincts, the first thing a dog may do is: escape! The most common causes of fright are the sound of locomotive horns and sudden external noises. In addition, the intimidation or attack of other animals will cause the dog to be frightened and thus flee.


  • Being tempted by interesting things outside

Although staying at home is usually comfortable, it's a bit boring; so dogs will always want to go out for a walk. Even if the owner takes the dog out to play from time to time, the dogs still want to stay outside for a longer time.
Many owners take their dogs to the park to play, and they will loosen the leash to let the dogs move freely; unexpectedly, many dogs never return!


Some dog owners went to the supermarket to buy things and hung the dog along with the leash on the locomotive. When the owner came out of the supermarket, the locomotive fell over and the dog disappeared. There also have some dog owners who forgot to close the door after returned and let the dog slip out of the house. After the dog went out for a walk, they couldn't find the way home!

To sum up, as long as there are many people, cars, and dogs, dogs will be easily frightened or tempted by the outside world and leave their loved ones.


5 Ways to Avoid Losing Your Dog


Train your dog to be familiar with the way home

When taking your dog out for a walk, take him to know better of the surroundings of your home and let him remember the way home! In case one day, he sneaks out to play, and can't find his way home.

Train your dog to come when you called

It is really necessary to teach the dog to return to the owner when he hears his name. This is the most useful method in critical situations.

Socialize your dog so that he won't lose control when meeting outdoor stimulus

Dogs who grew up with people from a young age often suffer from inadequate socialization. Such dogs are likely to get out of control because they are afraid of other dogs or are too excited when they see other dogs. If you often let your baby meet with other dogs, it will be very helpful to promote the dog's socialization! In this way, when you take your dog ​​out, your dog will be less likely to get out of control because of the external environment.

Wear exclusive collar with the dog name and your phone number

You can add your contact information to the dog collar. So that even if your dog was unfortunately lost, the person who picked up your puppy will know how to contact you!


These ways were made to reduce the chance of dog owners losing their pets. However, there is no exact way to prevent dogs from lost. The most effective way to prevent dogs from getting lost is that dog owners pay more attention to their dogs.