5 Tips You Should Keep in Mind When Practicing Running at Night


Many people who come home after a marathon work day decide to practice some type of exercise. There are many who choose to go to the gym and there download adrenaline exercise in some class or performing fitness exercises. But, there are also many who decide to put on their best shoes and run through the streets of the city.

Normally, this happens when it is night, so if you are going to practice running consistently as a healthy activity after a day's work, you should take some tips on running into account to run in the best possible and safe way when the sun has already disappeared. Take note of all of them!


1. Importance of planning


One of the main things to keep in mind when doing night running is to have your route and the type of training well planned. You should think about stretching and you have to give yourself time to recover before going to bed to sleep.

At night, it is not advisable to do a hard workout or to hurry too much time and go to bed without dinner. You must be able to reach everything and that is where planning comes into play.


2. Go through crowded places


If you want to go jogging at night, another of the tips that you cannot ignore is to go to places where there is good lighting (in this way you will see the obstacles better), in order to avoid stumbling blocks.

It is also recommended that you run through crowded places, where there are other runners practicing this exercise since this will give you a greater sense of tranquility.


3. Fluorescent clothing or accessories


Seeing a runner can be difficult even during the day, at night, imagine. So wear flashy and fluorescent clothing and accessories of this type will help you to be seen.

For example, you can wear the Hisome running belt which is ultra thin and sweat resistant. It has reflective strips and its large capacity pocket will allow you to carry your cell phone, although it also has a coin pocket.


4. Be careful if you go by road


Although it is not advisable to practice night running on the road, if you do, you should always do it in the face of traffic. This is, without a doubt, the best way to see a vehicle and be seen by them. That is, you should never run with your back to traffic.

Are you going to cross a crossing? Then, look for eye contact with the driver to be sure that he has seen you.


5. Your mobile should always be with battery


If it is night and you are going to run alone, do not hesitate to share your location with any of your contacts before leaving. Also, always try to take the mobile with battery in case you have to make a call of emergency.

You should also carry an identification card with your personal data in case something happens to you (such as fainting or becoming unconscious).


These are just some running tips that you have to keep in mind when practicing this type of night exercise. The night is full of dangers but considering these tips, you don't have to fear anything. Surely your health thanks you for running after a stressful day at work and the calm you find along the way comforts you.