5 Simple Tricks to Make Your Pet an Instagram Star

Dogs and other pets are all the rage on Instagram, and the picture of a well-dressed dog or pet's doing any of its own things arouse the passions of animal lovers. Do you want some tips for better pet photographs? Maybe your pet is the next star of the famous social network.

How to make amazing photos of your pet

With so much competition, you have to make a difference, and this is done by following some tips that we give you below. Follow them, the best photos of your pet will await you.

Create a special bond with your pet

This is the first point you have to keep in mind. If you do not have a close relationship with your pet, he will not pay much attention to you in the photo shoot.

It is essential that you have strengthened your bond with your baby before and that you have a special connection. Only then can you take an amazing picture of your furry friend.

The staging

A pet on a couch is not funny, unless he is a contortionist. Therefore, to make a difference and stand out among many other pet accounts, you have to choose scenes that attract people and create a unique background.

For example, in the window of a car, in front of the window of the house as if waiting for someone, in a field full of flowers, under a tree taking a nap ... Your imagination will play a very important role at this point!

The views, a rest for the soul

Seeing an overloaded photo of landscapes and images that make our pet's photos lose the spotlight does not benefit us at all. We must focus our attention on him, which in fact, is what users want to see.

How to achieve this? Do not go to places where there are too many elements. A flat field is enough, or a tree or a swing as a stage. The important thing is that the protagonist is your pet.

Another tip: if you don't have much choice of going to clear places, you can always blur the background to focus your baby.

Make contrasts

Whether you use a mobile phone or a camera, both can have functions to highlight a color over a black and white image. This generates a professional photographer effect that will attract attention on Instagram.

Do not forget the accessories!

Is there anything cuter than a puppy with accessories? This will be one of the secrets to make your pet's photos unique and special.

You can put your dog  a rocker collar with spikes with a back cap that gives it an air of rocking. It will be a very funny image that will not go unnoticed.

Have you taken good note of all these tips for your dog's photographs? Well, now you have the tools you need to take the best picture of your dog and turn it into an Instagram star. Are you ready to try it?