4 Tricks for a Perfect Summer Camp


Are you tired of the usual tourist villages this summer and want to try something different? Do you still dream of that romantic camping which you experienced at high school? Do you like the idea of ​​a Spartan holiday but not too much, based on bungalows immersed in nature, sea and sport? Then this article is for you. We collected the tricks for a perfect camping and of course the mistakes to avoid so that your campsite does not turn into a nightmare vacation!


Consider the place where you are going

One of the first tricks for a good camping is never doing the same baggage. In the mountains you will have different needs from the sea. If you go to a place immersed in nature there will be different rules than a place booked in a campsite. To evaluate your camping trip you need to pay attention to: the weight of the equipment and the chances of rain, especially if you intend to go trekking and move from one place to another with the tent, these matter a lot. Also you need to pay attention to the time of sunset and the closing of the campsite to avoid having to sleep in the car or mount the tent in the dark.


Never leave without having first tested the equipment

The small knife that no longer opens, the tent that you don't know how, has lost some pieces, or the burner off problems - when you discover these things while you are still in the city, never mind: small inconveniences. But imagine discovering it while you are immersed in nature, with the first store tens of kilometers away? Your campsite would immediately become a huge nuisance. Plan a safety test at least a week before you leave: gather all the equipment you want to take with and mount everything as if you were already at the campsite. You will have time to replace damaged parts and also to rearrange them online.


Give yourself some comfort

Even if you have planned a summer camping out in the name of sport and life in the open air, it does not mean that you have to reduce your comfort to a minimum. On the contrary, some little extra gadgets will help you relax better and face the days with even more energy. Oh yes, because asking for too many sacrifices to yourself will only make you feel weaker. Go ahead then to get inflatable mattresses, camping stoves, colorful solar lights, eco-friendly cutlery, e-book reader, mp3 player and a nice portable grid. There is nothing better than meat, good music, and making friends with other campers.


Attention to cleanliness

Getting used to always removing or changing shoes when entering tents or bungalows is one of the tricks most experienced campers learn first. Especially if you are in a campsite by the sea, the temptation to stay in slippers all the time is strong. And on the other hand, let's say: you're on vacation, you deserve to stay in slippers. However, being on slippers to get around the campsite, however, will only bring sand, earth and mud close to where you sleep and eat, forcing you to make an extra effort to dismantle everything and clean up.