4 Things You Need to Know Before Boarding Your Dog


Many times we cannot look after our dogs because of business trips or long journeys. At this time if there is no one to take care of them, we can only board our dogs in kennels. What do we need to know when boarding dogs?

Dogs can't be boarded:

Dogs that are too young and haven't been vaccinated. Such dogs have poor resistance and are prone to get sick in complex environments;

Dogs that are pregnant. Kennels cannot guarantee that there is no risk of miscarriage, so it is best to go to a professional pet hospital for foster care;

Dogs that bite people.

How to choose a better kennel for your dog?

Don't board your dog at a pet hospital if he is not sick. It is better not to put a healthy dog ​​in a pet hospital. Bacteria and viruses in the hospital can easily cause illness and infection.

Check the qualification of the kennel before boarding. The owner needs to go to the kennel to check, including the pet shop business license, environment (with or without smell), pet groomer qualification (except for the qualification certificate, which mainly depends on whether the groomer is a loving person and has a good reputation, etc.), and cage status ( If it is a glass room, whether it is good in ventilation; whether there is damage or stain; whether there are hidden dangers) and so on.

What do you need to prepare?

Pay your money for the kennel (don't bargain with the staff there and buy some snacks in the kennel so that your baby can live happier there);

Pack necessities for your dog including clean disinfected dog food bowl, water bowl, dog food, dog sleeping toys, mat for dogs, a leash and a raincoat (wearing in the rain);

Sign the contract and send your furry friend to the kennel;

Set the bed for your dog and prepare some snacks and water for him, don't get back to see your dog, it will hurt his heart because you won't stay to look after him.

Don't forget your dog while you're away:

Remember to say thank you to the staffs in the kennel for taking care of your furry friend;

Kindly ask them to bath your dog before picking him up so that he can come home clean and comfortable;

If your dog can open the cage, remember to ask the staff to lock the cage.


Boarding is sometimes the last resort, so to better accommodate our furry friends, we should learn more about boarding, so that pets can be happy even if we are not around.