4 Natural Ways to Cure Your Bad Mood


What will you do when you feel upset but there's no one can talk to? The answer given by psychologists is: "When you are in a bad mood, you don't need a good adviser, but a good listener."

Therefore, the category of "emotional trash can" is not necessarily limited to people! Is it interesting? Let me introduce some self-healing tricks.


1. Talk to yourself

"Talking to yourself" is by no means a sign of mental disorder or excessive depression! Authoritative psychologists say, "Speaking to yourself is the safest way to vent your inner distress, and it is highly recommended!" When you try to say something to yourself, you'll have a psychological reaction that can neutralize the bad mood.

This is not the resolution that was only invented today. In the past, no matter the confessors in the church or the prayers in the temple, they were all liberated in the process of talking to themselves.


2. Sharing secrets with pets

Pets are more than just playmates, especially when you have no one to talk to. Pets are definitely the best "emotional trash can" and the most serious listener. They do not change into advisers and affect your judgment, and will definitely keep secrets for you.

Don’t interpret secret sharing with pets as “lonely”, psychologists say:“ Pets are sometimes more comforting to you than a human listener.” They really empathize with your emotions and show their body languages to make you feel comfortable and relaxed, such as licking your hands or giving you some comfort.


3. Write down your troubles

"Write your worries" is the latest stress reduction method recommended by the American Psychological Association.

Studies by psychologists have also confirmed that by writing for 6 weeks about stress and troubles, people's mentality will become positive, the stress resistance will be significantly enhanced, and even the immunity of immune cells will be improved!


4. Do something you really like

As a modern person, you have many choices! You can sleep, sing, shop, or play a game ... These are all "alternative therapies" from a psychological perspective. "Alternative Therapy" is a healing process that combats the effects of stress and can help restore your physical and mental balance.

But first, you need to find an alternative treatment that works for you. For example, pay attention to when you are under stress and when you are in a good mood. When you find that you do not feel stressed when playing stress releasing toys, you can play when you need to change your mood; if you find that you can be calm as long as you are with your family, you can spend more time with your family when you are upset.


It's important to vent your emotions. With so much stress nowadays, learning to manage emotions can make you healthier and happier. Let us all lose our troubles and live a happy life!