10 Dog Safety Tips for Kids


We often hear about children being attacked by dogs. Most of the time, people blame dogs. Teaching children to express their affection for dogs in appropriate ways will allow dogs and children to live in harmony.

1. Don't scream and running beside a dog

Dogs not only have a keen hearing, some dog ​​breeds also have a high hunting instinct. A running and screaming child looks like a great prey for dogs. No matter how well trained they are, many dogs will chase or bite children who run and scream.

2. Don't pull the dog's ears and tail

If the child pulls the dog, it may cause the dog to try to protect himself, or the dog may think that the child is starting a wrestling game. If the child plays with the dog too rudely, the dog will also treat the child rudely.

3. Don't hug the dog from behind

How would you react if someone approached and hugged you from behind? Most people will scream, jump up and kick intruders. This is defensive behavior. Teach your children to approach the dog slowly from the front of him to avoid the dog from frightening and biting people.

4. Don't steal dog food and toys

To protect their personal belongings, dogs growl or bite at people who try to take their belongings away. Even if your dog doesn't try to protect his food and toys from being taken, he may bite his belongings or try to take them back, which may hurt the children.

5. Treat the dog in the proper way

Usually, children treat puppies or small dogs as plush toys. I've seen a puppy treated as a plush toy by a child, but fell down and broke a bone. Teach children to approach and hold dogs (if necessary) in the proper way, just as you would treat babies yourself.

6. Do not touch strange dogs without permission

Unfortunately, many children think that all dogs are friendly and will rush over without thinking. Teach your child to talk with the dog owner before approaching a strange dog. Don't approach the dog without the permission of the owner.

7. Don't put your face too close to the dog

Children like to stay close to their dogs. They do it out of the way we adults express our love. However, dogs do not express their feelings this way. Putting a face too close to your dog can make him feel uncomfortable, and some timid or aggressive dogs will even attack the child.

8. Don't drag the dog while walking him

We need to take the dog out every day, but it is not to let him act according to our wishes. If the dog was dragged, it will not only hurt the dog, make the dog afraid of the leash, but may also cause the children to be bitten when trying to pull the dog.

9. Don't wake the dog

No one wants to be tossed while asleep, at least the dogs don't. Teach your children "to give the dog a good sleep". Dogs that are frightened in their sleep can hurt people.

10. Don't touch the dog's head rudely

Most children touch the dog's head while caressing the dog. They will pat, hold on to the dog's head, or pull on the hair of the dog on the cheek and neck. Not all dogs can stand this. Teach the children to gently caress (not slap) the dog's body to avoid being bitten.


Teach your children and dogs to follow the rules so that they can play happily together. However, no matter where you go out to play, you must use the leash for your dog, so as the owner can control the situation when an accident occurs.